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The Sunday Club

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The Sunday Club—DARK HORSE

The Sunday Club specialize in providing a quality package of horse and rider both trained to a very high standard and equipped to the same high standard to suit the period we are representing.

We expect a high demand for Great War  portrayals in the next few years and have already fully equipped horses and riders for yeomanry or cavalry.

We can provide from a single rider  up to six horses although more could be provided with prior arrangement.

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Providing quality multi-period cavalry and equestrian to film and events.

We undertake film work and have our own equipment for many periods permanently available. We are prepared to quote and source special requirements.

We also have an arena show new for the 2014 season, first world war based arena entertainment. The Mounted Janitor Corps show combines a historically based format for a lively, exciting and thoroughly entertaining show.

We can also do displays of mounted combat, skill at arms and horsemanship within any period.

Photo by Wartog

Photo by Wartog

Far Left– Confederate Cavalry

Left– Napoleonic Hussar

Above Left-King Richard the First

Above-Knights Templar

Below– 6th Century Sassanian Nobleman